Control of Jarolift Covers using Broadlink RM Pro

Thank you for your fast feedback.
Unfortunately i cannot find the plus in the internet anymore, and would like to include my covers in my smart home.
Hope this will be implemented soon.
Otherwise i would need to go back to the FHEM and CUL solution:-(

When i try to use jarolift.learn, it gives me the following failure code:
[Errno2] No such file or directory:’/root/.homeassistant/mycounter.txt

I created a file called “mycounter.txt” and also the folder but it still gives me the same failure.
Does anybody faced this problem yet?

But in the there is the “rm pro plus3” mentioned,and the comments state that it is supported.
i am a little bit confused.

Sorry, I dont know.

mycounter.txt: it must be in the samy folder where you have HA configuration files. If you run HA as root, then ’/root/.homeassistant/mycounter.txt should be correct. However I wonder why you say you also created the folder, it must be already there then. Or you run HA not as root but as another user (as pi?). The user running HA must have write/read access to mycounter.txt

Hello Wladi,
i am running the lastest on my pi.
maybe that’s the problem, i don’t know if i am root (i think so because the ssh login is also root).

I have modified the path in and now had success in learning one cover motor.
can anyone give me a samile confiuration for visualization?
With all three buttons (up,stop, down).
That would be awesome.

Could you please explain this more precise?
I get the system running with Broadlink RM Pro Plus3 an can move a few of my covers.
But not every cover moves.
I did not get the consecutive way of the algorithm how to choose group and
This is my setting, WohnzimmerSüd and AlleWohnen do not work.
What is the exact combination to create zones?

  - platform: jarolift
      - name: 'Diele'
        group: '0x0001'
        serial: '0x118ac00'
      - name: 'Esszimmer'
        group: '0x0002'
        serial: '0x118ac01'
      - name: 'WohnzimmerSüd'
        group: '0x0004'
        serial: '0x118ac02'
      - name: 'WohnzimmerTerrasse'
        group: '0x0008'
        serial: '0x118ac03'
      - name: 'AlleWohnen'
        group: '0x0003'
        serial: '0x118ac00'

Thank you all for your help.
This is awesome work!

can someone please share they configuration.yaml with the EXACT syntax for the “yarolift” component.

the system keep refusing to add it.

im using:

broadlink_host: “”
lsb: “0x000000”
msb: “0x000000”

tryed various solution found on the net but none worked.

the answer is always the same:

The following components and platforms could not be set up:

  • jarolift

Please check your config.

any advice?


Now all of my Covers are Working.
I Just Had a problem with the last cover,which i could not learn as long as the switch was connected.
I disconnected it and then the learning could be successfully executed. Maybe this information ist helpful for anyone.

this is my config:

- platform: broadlink
  mac: 'xx'
  type: rm2_pro_plus2

  MSB: '0x00000'
  LSB: '0x00000'

copied your config over mine, and now it works

probably some syntax error i will never been able to track.

many thanks for the help.

the only thing im missing now is the MSB\LMB code to make it work, having the serial port issue like many before me, can i ask some kind soul to mail me the dump at: [email protected]

thanks, i will keep updated on the result

it work!

thanks to all people for the help!

a little knowledge:

Broadlink RM Pro Plus3 work well, just add it as he is the plus2 in the configuration file

dont copy \ paste (learned the hard way) from any page unless is in a box with copy command, use your keyboard.

dose it work with the cover.set_cover_position command?

No, jarolift does not have any feedback that can be used to define the actual position. The only possibilty, that rather would not work well, is to determine the time the cover need to go up and down and enable the cover motor for a percentage of that time, starting from bottom or top positioin.
Someone can try to implement it. I will probably exchange my jarolift controllers by another in the near future (that have feedback and not that sensitive to the signal quality, since I have time to time problems that covers does not react to signals), so I am not going to invest more time in jarolift component.

Oh that does not sound very goog Wladi. Maybe you can Help one Last Time. Jarolift Supports one more Position, the third Position. Is this already implemented or do you have a hint If it is possible to i.


Generally, must be definately possible, you just have to find out what code the remote sends if you press stop for 5 seconds. Does it sends stop button signal for example 5 times or it sens some special buton number. The button is represented by 4 bits in the control sequence (it means 16 possible values). For now I uase buttons 2 (close), 8 (open) and 4 (stop). Then you can implement an additional position in home assistant custom component that cals the jarolift service. For example to close the cover my component calls'jarolift', 'send_command', {'group':self._group,'serial':self._serial,'button':'0x2'})

Pls somebody could help me with MSB\LMB code to make it work, my mail is: [email protected]

I’m not speak german and I’m not an engineer so it is really hard to understand what I have to do to get MSB\LMB
I have to buy some hardware? or what?
I would really appreciate if a good man can write some few steps from which I can start to learn what I have to do
email: casini at

Does anyone know if this still works with the current Jarolift TDED motors or was there some firmware update or so?