Control Zigbee Bulbs in Google Home Hub

Hi community,

I have a Conbee 2 Stick that is currently allowing me to control 3 Ikiea Tradfari lightbulbs. I do not have an Ikea Hub. I mainly control my lights via voice command using a Google Home hub

In the long term I would like to invest more in Ikea bulbs as they are more cost-effective vs hue bulbs.

My question is, before I go down this path, is there a way to enable me to show these lights in the Google Home app and control them via voice?

Thanks in advance!

I think this is what you want: Google Assistant - Home Assistant

The ‘Automatic setup via Home Assistant Cloud’ method is very simple but has a cost (and a free trial).

Is there any other way around it besides having to pay for HA Cloud?

Sorry - didn’t read fully - I’l have a look!