Controlling Tuya Smart Bulb over Smart Knob

Hi All,
I have a Smart Tuya Bulb and I can control it over HomeAssistant and on Tuya Smart application.
The Bulb:
I want to control it with Moes Smart Knob. However I don’t have Zigbee Bridge or any brigde. I want to control dimming of that smart wifi bulb with knob(brightness level).
Do I need to have Zigbee Bridge still?.
The Knob:

A dongle supported by ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT will do, e.g. a Sonoff Dongle-P or E

Thank you for your reply. Can’t I control the smart knob without zigbee using Homeassistant?

Since it is a Zigbee knob, how would you control it without Zigbee ?
That is why you need a dongle.

Thank your for help