Converting from Mqtt Addon to Stand alone Mqtt broker

I am using a Raspberry Pi for HA and noticed it was slowing down. I wanted to remove the Mqtt add on to a stand alone server to maybe free up the load on the HA server. Configured the Mqtt server with password and was able to send and receive mqtt msgs from Node Red, but could not get the mqtt switches or the mqtt climate controls to work. Will include the syntax

Config file

  discovery: true
  port: 1883
  username: xxxxxxx
  password: xxxxxxx
  binary_sensor: !include mqtt_binary_sensor.yaml
  climate: !include mqtt_climate.yaml
  switch: !include mqtt_switch.yaml
  sensor: !include mqtt_sensor.yaml

mqtt_switch  file

  - name: "test_sound"
    command_topic: "mqtt/music"
    # state_topic: 
    qos: 0
    payload_on: "5!2GA_1"
    payload_off: "5!2GA_0"

This configuration works under the mqtt add-on. Can you help?

Not a direct answer to yoiur quesiton, but your quickest speed improvement solution may be to have it run off an ssd instead of a microsdcard

It is running with a SSD.