Converting Old Z-Wave Stick to New Z-Wave Stick

With the latest challenges around the z-wave js & z-wave js ui upgrades it got me thinking about upgrading my z-wave stick. I currently use a HUSBZB-1 combo stick although only for z-wave. I ordered a Zooz series 800 stick with the hope of upgrading to the latest and greatest.

Since I am currently using the HUSZBZ-1 stick with the z-wave js ui integration and there doesn’t seem like an easy solution to just copy/paste my current setup to the new stick I’ll likely have to exclude each device from the old setup and include it on the new stick.

Hopefully to make things go as easily as possible I was thinking of adding the new z-wave stick and implementing the z-wave js integration within HA. I would then have the old stick running under the current z-wave js ui integration and the new stick running with the built in z-wave js integration. I could then go about excluding each device and re-pair it with the new stick as I go.

I assume this would be possible to do. While I would prefer the z-wave js ui integration I believe I can convert it over after I have re-paired everything with the standard z-wave js setup after the fact. I have close to 40 devices with a mix of switches, sensors, thermostats and locks.

Does anyone see any issues or concerns with taking this approach? Anything you would do differently or items I should watch out for?

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There is no easy transition process, unfortunately. There are instructions and youtube videos on how to join a second controller to your existing network which will learn all your new devices, but the new controller will have a different id and all the devices Lifeline group has to be changed to the new ID. There are instructions on how to make the new controller get ID 1 by creating a bunch of virtual Z-wave devices to consume your node IDs until they roll around to 1, which is also complex.

If I were to do it (I have a 500 series controller today with no incentive to upgrade yet) I would probably go the “add the second controller to existing network” route myself, but I’ve been running Z-wave since around 2014 and feel pretty comfortable with the ins and outs.

It just seems that software transferring all the devices and their unique configurations/parameter settings will be easier than a 70+ device exclusion/inclusion process touching every device. Worst case, a failure of the 2nd controller inclusion will require the total network rebuild anyway.

If you go the network rebuild option, try to document all the device parameters and any special group associations up front before starting.

My 2 cents.

I also think the current conversations around the Z-wave-JS-UI updates are mostly FUD. My takeaway from these conversations is “how much of this is black magic to me” and make an effort to better understand how the Z-wave controller really works, how it’s hardware interfaces to HA and how the software layers work with it. You’ll be better off in the long run when the next bug hits if you understand how this one occurred, why only some people were impacted, and what you can do to prepare and recover in the future.

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Appreciate your insights. I too have been using z-wave for a number of years so I can understand some of the pain I will incur. While I haven’t been impacted yet (I haven’t gone through the upgrade process) I am planning for the worse and of course hoping for the best. I will hold off until 2023.10 releases at least as I think I heard it will require js ui 2.0.1 (also heard 2.0.2 will soon be available). The HUSBZB-1 I realize is older technology and unfortunately as you mentioned with no easy transition so I may just try the second controller route to get more up to date. I just wanted to be sure this approach will work and if there is anything I should be aware of.

both wanted releases just came out :wink:

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