CORE: Integration - Riemann sum integral (Request a friendly name)

For the Riemann sum, it would be great to have the possibility to have a friendly name, Will look so much more uniform…
Example below, ready for implementation, just remove the #-character :wink:

  - platform:    integration
    source:      sensor.it_powernode_electric_consumed_w
    name:        consumed_it
#  friendly_name: 'It would be GREAT with a friendly name ;-)' 
    round:       3
    unit_prefix: k
    unit_time:   h
    unit:        kWh
    method:      trapezoidal

btw. it is very confusing that it has the name Integration - I know it is the integral /area under the graph, but it is easily confused with i.e. Tasmota integration, perhaps “Riemann_sum” would be a better name for it???

You can add a friendly name to anything with customize.

Yes it would.

Riemann definetly looks ugly in Energy dashboard without a friendly name. (also +1 too for the rename, integration is not intuitive at all.). Thanks for the work tho !