Core integration

I’ve run into this error several times trying to install integrations via HACS.

Im trying to install this… GitHub - r0gu3patri0t/Global-Cache-iTach: Home Assistant configuration.yaml code for iTach devices

The device is on my network but I cannot see or add it. Im assuming I need the integration but keep getting the above error…cant seem to find documentation on adding core items. Any help would be appreciated.

Is this the core integration you would need to use to interface with your device?

Yes but whenever I attempt to add it I get that message I posted above.

Its not the only one, I’ve gotten that on a few items from github, it appears if ‘core’ is in the name there is some issue.

Is there some way to add those integrations?

you don’t use HACS to install those. HACS is only for custom integrations, not built-in ones.

that one is pre-installed but you need to configure it.

in the case of the integration above you will need to follow the integration instructions and edit your configuration.yaml manually to add it according to the docs at that link.