Core Not Able to Update Via UI, Terminal Only - No Error Message

I’m running HA directly on a NUC 11. I initially tried to install 2023.6.2 a few weeks back, but the update spun for about half an hour and wouldn’t complete. I eventually unplugged it and plugged it back in, and although all my automations and devices were working, I was unable to restart HA (it would hang and not reconnect until I unplugged-pluged in again).

The fix was to downgrade to 2023.6.1 manually in terminal by running ‘ha core update --version 2023.6.1 --backup’ (it thought I was on 2023.6.2 even though I suspect the install didn’t complete properly).

I waited until today to try installing 2023.6.2 again. Initially I tried to install via the UI, as I’ve done for about 2-3 years now, but ran into the same issue. I unplugged-pluged in after about an hour this time and found myself in the same spot where devices and automations were working, but I couldn’t restart.

So, I installed 2023.6.2 in terminal as above (this time it said I was on 2023.6.1 so I upgraded). This worked fine. I also updated to the latest HA OS immediately after via the UI, and was able to do so without issues.

Going forward, it looks like I’ll have to update Core via terminal. I want to figure out why this is and how I can fix it?