Core Update Pending, But Version Shown is Older?


In Supervisor, it shows I’m at version Core-2021-3-4, and the Newest Version is Core-2021-3-3.

This has shown up a few times now. Other times it doesn’t.

I assume there’s something very obvious that I’m missing.

Ignore it. This will be fixed next release.

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The issue continues existing. I’m receiving it sometimes, after some hours disappears and comes again ramdomly.


this issue still exist !


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Sorry, I’m a forum moderator, not a developer. I can’t do anything about it. There is an open issue:

You can thumb up the issue to show you have it too or you can add that you are seeing 2021.4.5 revert to 2021.4.4 (don’t just reply with “me too”).

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OK there is an open issue. but how to get correctly notified for newer version and how to apply them?
At the moment mine shows I have core-2021.4.5 but and advice me to upgrade to core-2021.4.4 which is earlier according to the bug.
However I have seen that there is also a core-2021.4.6 available on the web site but how can upgrade up to there?

You can up/downgrade to any version via the CLI: