Coronavirus Integration switches countries

Hi Everyone.
I added a few Coronavirus integrations yesterday, when the 0.106.3 update came out. I added the UK; US & Worldwide. I’m not sure on the rules for posting links to your own blog, so I won’t but I posted my config there.

This morning, though, the integrations had changed :-/ The friendly name has changed to “Azerbaijan Confirmed”, the entity_id was still “uk_confirmed”, the same for the rest of the UK sensors. The US ones were now Mexico sensors, but at least the Worldwide sensors were still ok.

I removed the UK integration and re-added it and everything was back to normal, so I assume it will be when I do the same thing for the US integration.

One more thing. My entity_ids are just sensor.{country_code}_confirmed eg sensor.uk_confirmed, not sensor.uk_coronavirus_confirmed as others have.

Anybody any ideas. I went on the help page in order to post an issue but it said to come on the Forum instead. So I have.

update to 106.4 things have probably changed.

Hey, @petro Thanks for that, you are completely correct, I now need to go and change the blog post :-/ I see in the PR that it changed the sensor ids etc.
I’ve been so busy, I didn’t even see the updates in Supervisor.

whats the differeence between confirmed and current???


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I would call them POSITIVE

Ok, then rename the entity and the friendly name…