Correct bad data from Rainforest Eagle

Hello everyone, I have a Rainforest Eagle 3 and somehow it went nuts one day and recorded a a huge spike in energy usage. Obviously this is not accurate. The problem is that it has messed up all my charts and graphs…Is there a way this can be removed from the DB?

Yes. Go to Developer Tools → Statistics, then click on the ramp icon to the right of your entity. Navigate to the time the erroneous state occurred and replace the value with an average of the values before and after it.

There is an OUTLIERS button at the bottom of the card that pops up when you click the ramp icon which can sometimes get you to the problem value quickly. Just be careful, it tends to report a whole lot of false positive outliers too.

You should look at the state history panel for that entity too. So you can see why the spike occurred and maybe prevent it happening again.

Thank you so much for the help!

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