Correct location / weather station for Buienradar integration

I’m fairly new to using Home Assistant, I have a number of integrations and automations up & running and I am now figuring out how to efficiently automate the irrigation schedule (using WooX R7060).
First of all, I want to include the past en future weather conditions as conditions for the automation scripts. I have the Buienradar integration up & running and this one seems to provide me with the necessary entities & data (past and expected rain in mm, temperature and so on).

But… however my location is set to my home (lat/lon in the home assistant general config) - the buienradar.stationname entity keeps on returing ‘Schiphol’ as the used station - which leads me to think that the wrong data is used (I live in the south of the Netherlands).

Is it somehow possible to check where this goes wrong and is there a solution to predetermine the location for buienradar? The documentation states: "The relevant weather station used will be automatically selected based on the location specified in the Home Assistant configuration (or in the Buienradar weather/sensor integration). " - but where can I configure this in the Buienradar integration? The only option here is the country, not lat/lon or something like that.

Hopfeully someone recognizes this issue and is able to point me in the right direction… if so: thanks for your help!

When you set up a weather integration, you do so for a certain location. You could even add more locations if you wish. I’m guessing you set up the integration when your home as not set correctly, so it took those GPS coordinates.

Add a new Buienradar integration. Remove the old one if you’re not going to the airport any time soon :wink:

Thank you Edwin - this solved the problem!