Corrupted floorplan image

Hello everyone,

I have been playing with lovelace and picture elements card to make my floorplan. I managed to put images for off and states of the entities and everything was working fine.

All of a sudden a grey stripe with a corrupted image icon appeared in the middle of my floorplan (see image)

I checked all off my pictures, icons, and entities and they are correct.

Any ideas,please?

Thank you

clear your cache and refresh your page. CTRL+F5. If that doesn’t work, make sure all your image names are the same and that they open properly in a image viewing software.

Thank you very much petro,

I followed your advice and checked all images, filenames are they same and they all open with GIMP. I cleared cache and refreshed. Same problem

The strange thing is that the image floorplan worked before and out of the blue the grey stripe appeared. Any more suggestions?

Not really, at this point you need to figure out which element is causing the problem.

to me this happens sometimes with my IP camera picture. Do you have an IP camera? ut indeed looks like an element not loading properly.

Hi Rene

I have IP Cameras but I didn’t add them to the current floorplan

Hey, did you manage to fix this?

Hi Milan.

Yes it was more simple than I thought. If an entity included in the floorplan becomes unavailable (in my case somebody turned off the mains switch of a hue light so the light became unavailable) then you get this corrupted image icon. Check your entities.