Cost calculation wrong after correction of sensor values

Hey there,

I am quite new to Home Assistant and still trying to configure everything the way I need it.
Tonight my gas-sensor quit and sent no data. This morning I tried to correct this - but unfortunately too much. So I corrected once more and the counter is now correct.
In the energy-dashboard the value (kWh) is correct - but the price-calculation did not change.
What have I done wrong or is this a bug?

Nothing, but probably the same way you updated the sensor…you can also update the related ‘cost’ sensor …assuming devtools > statistics?

I am not sure what you mean.
I have set a fixed price of 0,1199 Eur/kWh in the energy-dashboard config.
I thought that the costs are calculated by multiplying the kWh and the price?!
So can you tell me, where to find the cost-sensor?

Same location as where you updated the other one (where did you do this?)…costs are not auto-calculated in the past

Okayyyyy - I will have a look as soon as I am at home.
I changed the consumption in the developer tools > statistics.
But I am almost sure that there was no sensor for the costs.
I will reply… :wink:

There should be one with the same name + _costs

Yaaassss - you were right!
It would be very helpful if I open up my eyes next time - right before asking!

Thanks for the easy and quick fix!!!