Cover group behavior

In the documentation it is just written about on/off state for the group behavior.
Question: will it be the same for cover position? How will be the behavior (if the positions will be different)? Is the all-variable necessary then?


Ok thank you. But I don’t think m question is answered.
Maybe there’s a misunderstanding.
I want to know how the cover position state will be in HA.

@koying ok I was thinking too fast. So I see there’s no all variable in the cover group.
But I’m still unsure about position state :confused:

If all the cover group members have the ability to set a position then they can all have their position controlled at once.

One more try, sorry if I was not clear enough:
Cover 1, 2, 3 are in the cover group.
Cover 1 will be at 100%, the rest at 0%.
What will be the position for the group in HA?

Background: I am thinking about a loop (the position as a condition) the set positions of the cover because not every cover will execute the command sometimes. And as I have 100+ devices, I am keen to keep my setup as clean as possible so I definitely want to control the cover group.

Did I explain it better this time?


I personally don’t know.
Why not just test it?

@koying because it is also the office of my wife and I won’t dare to interfere with her during the day :smiley: I am on HA for months now and it is far from finished. Thus I only have little time frames where I can be in the office with not interfering with someone

I understand the concern, but at some point you will only have the choice of blindly trust a random guy on this forum or test it yourself :wink:

Just adding the cover group integration, do a “check config” and restart HA won’t break anything

Home Assistant without testing? :joy: is this even possible?
Nah, I already have a group and was just trying to be one step ahead before trying it and then would start again. If my thoughts could not be realized, I would think of something else now.

Have a nice one!