Covers: current_operation from ESPHome node

Good morning (o;

I see that my esphome node operating a cover publishes its state like IDLE, OPENING, CLOSING as current_operation.

Is that state in any way usable in automations?

That would make it easier for using just one button press to open/close and stop a cover…

Is that available as the state or an attribute of your cover?

Find your cover in Developer Tools / States and check.

Open your Home Assistant instance and show your state developer tools.

Of course states are accessible in automations.

Assuming it is a state and not an event. Which it very likely is.

A cover has 4 possible states, closed, closing, open, opening

Ah that was it (o;

Never thought of having a look in developer tools…shows as “closing”, “opening” and “idle”

muchas gracias (o;