CPU high utilize after update to 0.91.2

I have a problem. After updating HA to version 0.91.2, I found it to be the maximum CPU usage. Does anyone have a similar problem?

If that is immediately after updating and restarting HA this may be due to building/compiling dependencies. Without further information it is hard to tell.

It’s been a day since the CPU is busy. What information would help identify the problem.

I’ve noticed the same thing, it’s been like this 16 hours already…and yeah, I noticed the update/restart usage before, that made sense. This, though, seems like some kind of bug.

Well, I think it’s a bug, but I can’t identify it.

But it seems that the error persists, even after the update to 091.4

I had it right up until I upgraded to 0.91.4, now it looks fine, 2-3%.