Crash during the night

My HA was installed using Docker in my Synology. Last week Synology did an automatic update during the night, and after it the HA was unable to start with different errors, including the supervisor that wasn’t supporting the version of Docker. I’ve tried many different things, but after many hours HA wasn’t working. I’ve learned the hard way that sometime during the transition to version 12.x, Docker 18 wasn’t ‘healthy’, and that this screw up everything.
Long story short. I’ve installed a new instance using a VM in the Synology. I’ve moved manually my config to the VM, and changed everything. Now it’s working again.
The question is if there is a solution to have a backup - failover - high availability system that I can implement because I don’t want this can happen again :wink:

Try out the Google Drive Backup addon. It auto-takes snapshots, and uploads them to your Google Drive.