Create a "remote control" in HA interface

Kind of new to HA so dont know all componants and so on.

I recently got my USB-UIRT ir transmitter to work with home assistant and managed to send out IR-commands using shell
_commands that calls irsend.

Now I want to make kind of a remote control in HA interface, power on/off volume up/down and so on for my reciver, projector and other remotecontrolls. How do I make them? What do I use?

I’ve thought about this before too. But as far as I know, you would have to make your own custom component for this.

Or write a bunch of scripts that each do their own button press then you would have one long list of buttons that say something like Mute: “ACTIVATE” etc… which isn’t worth the time IMO and won’t look nice.


I would also like to get my USB-UIRT to work with HA. Would you mind sharing how you did this?


Hi, i wrot this guide for myself in case I needed to reinstall my raspberry.

Here is a list of remotes that ive used for my projector and sound.

Link I used to get it to work:

Hope this helps. Cheers!