Create blueprint with template as input and trigger

I’m trying to create a blueprint that has a template as input, and is also triggered when this template is changed.
I created this, but doesn’t seem to trigger

  name: sync
  domain: automation
      name: template

  - platform: template
    value_template: !input input_template

  - service: notify.html5_laptop
      message: triggered

Triggers only work on a subset of template / jinja commands because the automation is not actually running until after the trigger happens. You would need to make sure that what you put there are things it can do.

I have not tried this as the user would be more likely to break the automation rather than get it to work.

I suggest you writing the template, and use one of the other selectors to plug in a value to an entity or something to prevent mis-coding problems.

Should you with to pursue this, make sure the template is checked to work or the blueprint might break and become unavailable to the UI.