Create entities for not supported device Tuya

i have tuya compatible wallbox charger. In tuya integration im able to see device but there is no entities in it. In diagnostic data i can see all information i want to use but device have no entities. Can i somehow create entities by hand ? I was trying to use platform template but so far no luck

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Diagnostic data are entities. There’s nothing to create. Maybe elaborate on your intentions?

In device info i see:

Device info

AC charging post (unsupported)
by Tuya


This device has no entities

So i can’t use this device at all. I want to see device status in overview and be able to start/stop charging.

Your device needs to support start and stop charging, if it doesn’t, you can’t magically control that. As for showing information on your dashboard, by default, the auto generated ui does not show diagnostic entities. You need to take control of your ui and put that information where you want it. Unfortunately from that point forward, you’ll have to manage your ui and your newly added devices will not automatically appear.

and thats my question :slight_smile: i see all information and functions in debug log, so i just need to export it into entities so i can use it … and my question was how to do it :slight_smile: if it is possible :slight_smile:

this is diagnostic log …
"data": { "endpoint": "", "auth_type": 0, "country_code": "420", "app_type": "tuyaSmart", "mqtt_connected": true, "disabled_by": null, "disabled_polling": false, "name": "AC charging post", "model": "RCV01", "category": "qccdz", "product_id": "j6bzjwhiv2cljjcy", "product_name": "AC charging post", "online": true, "sub": false, "time_zone": "+02:00", "active_time": "2023-05-22T18:57:30+00:00", "create_time": "2023-05-22T18:57:30+00:00", "update_time": "2023-05-23T07:58:39+00:00", "function": { "work_mode": { "type": "Enum", "value": { "range": [ "charge_now", "charge_pct", "charge_energy", "charge_schedule" ] } }, "clear_energy": { "type": "Boolean", "value": {} }, "switch": { "type": "Boolean", "value": {} } }, "status_range": { "work_state": { "type": "Enum", "value": { "range": [ "charger_free", "charger_insert", "charger_free_fault", "charger_wait", "charger_charging", "charger_pause", "charger_end", "charger_fault" ] } }, "work_mode": { "type": "Enum", "value": { "range": [ "charge_now", "charge_pct", "charge_energy", "charge_schedule" ] } }, "balance_energy": { "type": "Integer", "value": { "unit": "kW\u00b7h", "min": 0, "max": 99999999, "scale": 3, "step": 1 } }, "clear_energy": { "type": "Boolean", "value": {} }, "switch": { "type": "Boolean", "value": {} }, "charge_energy_once": { "type": "Integer", "value": { "unit": "kW\u00b7h", "min": 1, "max": 999999, "scale": 2, "step": 1 } } }, "status": { "work_state": "charger_free", "work_mode": "charge_now", "balance_energy": 0, "clear_energy": false, "switch": false, "charge_energy_once": 1 }, "home_assistant": { "name": "AC charging post", "name_by_user": "wallbox", "disabled": false, "disabled_by": null, "entities": [] }

I did not succeed (yet…) in configuring the Tuya Integration, but I.m not sure that I need.
I added several Tuya Zigbee devices directly as Zigbee, and they work.

yes i have several tuya wifi temperature modules and it works fine … but wallbox is not supported by default ( but based on debug log all information is there ) i just need find a way how to access it

I’m not sure if there’s a language barrier here… when I say you can’t just make up functionality, I mean exactly that. If your device is missing functionality, there’s nothing you can do.

As for adding your diagnostic entities to your front end, simply edit your frontend and add them. There’s is 3 dots in the corner of your dashboard, it has an edit option. Keep in mind, as soon as you edit your frontend, the autogenerating ui will no longer automatically add entities to it. As for the entities themselves, they already exist, you do not need to create them.

probably :slight_smile:

this is what i see … so what exactly should i add into dashboard ? there is no wallbox or any other entities related to wallbox …
but when i click on “DOWNLOAD DIAGNOSTICS” i see json with data section where is all data i need … so can you tell me how exactly i can show those information in dashboard ? sorry im not able to explain it more detailed :slight_smile:

Your device does not have any diagnostic entities. This is what diagnostic entities look like:

If you don’t have any entities in your device, there’s nothing you can do. The download diagnostic is so that you can provide the developers information so they can add your device.

Unsupported means exactly that. The integration does not support it so it does not do a thing. What you can do is try the OCPP integration, as it seems the tuya wallbox supports it. Mind you, as the integration states, many wallboxes do not implement OCPP correctly, so YMMV:

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So there is no way i can access directly json data structure which i can see in “DOWNLOAD DIAGNOSTIC” ?


Ok this is answer for my question :slight_smile: Thanks. I will create my own implementation then.

hey did you then?

Hello, I have the same problem with my inverter on the solar system. The Tuya integration does not show entities with me.
Does anyone have a solution for me?

Would like to see a solution too :slight_smile:

I have several temperature sensors.
And even 2 are from the same supplier. Probably a different manufacturing line.

I see data in the “Download Diagnostic” but no entities.
Also tried to change the Instruction Mode in IOT Tuya from Standard Instructions to DP Instructions.

But do I understand correctly that someone has to manually add these devices?
And this can’t be done on your own HA system?
Is it hard-coded then? Where does the entity information come from?

My tuya weather station is detected by Tuya integration but this device has not entities, the same as this issue I think. Could you help me on modify Tuya integration in order to collect this data ? Let me share this screenshot…

If I download the device diagnostic, I can see the fields but tuya developers has no time to write the properly python code in tuya integration.
If somebody can help me on some procedure or documentation about how to modify the tuya integration in order to add entities, I will apreciate…

That’s what I can’t understand too… If HA can see various status data of an unsupported device… How come there’s no way for us to use that json structure?

I have 63 tuya devices and some are unsupported and some has few information… But all of them have full data if I download diagnostics file…

So if HA can read all these status data but has no entities linked to them… I was wondering how we could just parse those status into a variable and use them on my automation…

I don’t need an event trigger for those status, I just need to check the information that is there from another supported ha trigger