Create Integration Solesta 2.0 Zonneboiler

Since a couple of weeks i’ve installed a Solesta 2.0 Zonneboiler. The system communicates with the Solesta Server for service purposes. It would be nice to have a integration in HA, so i can display the information in lovelace dashboard.

I’ve no clue how to do this. Does anybody already started the development?

Today a Solesta 2.0 Zonneboiler is installed at my place to, so I am interested too.

I guess values can probably be obtained from a java script, in the website source I find this
Maybe phantomjs with get.js will do the trick.

So far it looks like Solesta is using esp32/arduino in its boiler, I sent a mail to Solesta to inform if the have an API or they can modify the boiler software to talk to a local MQTT server (temperature and device status - standby / circulating).

I did some investigation to the BuildIn Arduino of the Solesta boiler, and could get some data of it. However also noticed there is a non-critical problem with security. I informed the manufacturer about this, I will not share these on the internet.
When I spoke to the manufacturer, they liked the idea to sent data to homeassistant or a similar platform. So we have to wait for this.
Meanwhile I found another solution for homeassistant by using a Wemos D1 Mini (bought a bag full of them at AliExpress) and a Dallas DS18b20 one-wire temperature sensor (again AliExpress).
Software: ESPEasy, just to keep it simple with a MQTT controller as broker.

I placed the Dallas Sensor in the insulation under the pump, so now I am measuring the coldest water at te bottom of the boiler. If this works (yes it works) I am thinking about a second Dallas Sensor so you van measure the temperature that is coming from the roof.

Now waiting what will happen

Hi Han,

I am very curious what the results are with the Dallas sensor you installed. Did you receive a reaction from the manufacturer about the non-critical problem?

Can you help me how I can achieve getting data from solesta to HA?

Kind regards