Create Many Restful Sensors for Phillips Dynalite

I’m quite new to HA, I have integrated Phillips Dynalite for the lights and blinds in my home and they all work fine. However home assistant doesn’t get notified when I use the actual switch for one of my lights.
I’ve thought to work around this to create a restful sensor, calling http://IP_ADDRESS/GetDyNet.cgi?a=37&c=1 where a is the area and c is the channel. However I would have to make a sensor and then automate each one individually to update the light / blind status.
Is there any other way I can go about this?

Did you sort it out?

I am on a crossroad myself. I have a hotel with 17 rooms and dynalite on all rooms with AMX controllers and Touch Panels from 2009 and 2010 that are now obsolete. Every room has it’s own PDEG and there is also a PDDEG Supervisor that handles physical and logical offsets, adds bacnet etc. I am planning to replace AMX with Homeassistant and I have three options for Dynalite. Integration, Restful sensors and bacnet. There are quite a few challenges I need to address so I would like to know your outcome