Create Presence detection and presence (Home/away) button in

I need help creating Create Presence detection and presence button in I use a Raspberry Pi with an SD-card were I have installed my I now have started with automations with Node Red but I do not know how the best and easiest way to create presence detection (Home/away).

First I need help with an On/off Card on my Home Assistance interface: Home Assistant > Overview Home. It is simple: I just want to have a card saying Family and my name, and all other family members and being able to manually switch on and off (e.g Home/away) when people are (not) home. Then I want to be able to use this information for automations in Node Red.

Second, I need help with an automatic presence detection when I get home. Lets say I am out and gets home. I want Home assistant to know that I am home by “finding” my smartphone. I use Samsung Galaxy S8+. Maybe if it can detect it when my WiFi gets connected to the network? Or some other way?
Since I am not very familiar with programming I am grateful if I get a more detailed instruction for “dummies” :stuck_out_tongue:

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To manually set home/away, you can use an input Boolean:

For automated detection, there are several options, but I personally like life360. See here a video from @DrZzs

I have a group with 3 device trackers. If 1 device tracker is at home the group becomes the state ‘home’. If all trackers are away the state is ‘not_home’.
So far, so good but I’d like to manually ‘overwrite’ the group state to home if all trackers are away, for example if I have guests at home.
I read about input boolean. I made an input_boolean named guests and put this in the group but the state of the group changed from home/not_home to on/off.
I doesn’t matter if I have to toggle a switch for guest presence or have to toggle a switch home/away to override the groups status but I have no idea how to do this.
Any help is appreciated!

That’s exactly what I use. My automation for lowering the heating will not be triggered if the manually managed input Boolean selector is on using the condition.

See the example. Sorry I paste like a picture but from my phone I can’t copy the code easily.

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The boolean should not be in the group.
Either have it as a condition in your automations, or have it trigger an automation that sets a template device tracker to home/away that is included in the group.

Each method has its good and bad sides.
You think about the use cases and how they suit you.
Meaning, are there more automations where the group is used that should fire when guest mode is on?
Having the boolean in the automations is slightly more fine tuning. But also more work.

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@Piggyback and @Hellis81, thanks for the answer.
Used the automation condition. Works fine. Thanks!

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Just saw the alert for life360. You might want to reconsider your choice. Just leaving this here for your information. :slight_smile:

That’s a real shame! Thanks for sharing. I indeed might reconsider but I have understood none are as reliable as life

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