Create scene with voice commands

Hello all
why not to create/delete a static scene just with the help of a voice command?

  • given a number of devices in a home, we first flag the device we want to be scened (ie i personally never include my washing machine ;-))
  • then we set each device with the desired value (on/off, light %, color, etc)
  • then we give a vocal command (ie create scene) and with STT (speech to text) we convert the command in a service call to create the scene

yes, this is roughly the idea… :wink:


The first two steps represent what is currently required to make a Scene using Configuration > Scenes > Add Scene. To create the scene, you click Save.

Effectively, your Feature Request is to replace clicking the Save button with a voice command.

Hello Taras
perhaps i made some assumptions that are not so obvious…

so i’ll try to reformulate here in a better way :wink:

  1. the steps required to make a scene, also require that an admin user is logged into the gui.

what i’m searching for is a way to made every users (even non admin ones) able to create or delete a scene. So in my head i think to a way to let users set every device they want to be part of a scene via vocal commands (this is achieved often through google or alexa via nabucasa)

  1. then, home assistant should make a sort of snaptshot of the entire status of the devices, excluding the devices that are not flagged as scene-aware. One snapshot is one scene. (here the Save scene command). Name of each scene could be autoenumerated or better way the option to give an easy to remeber name.

That’s unlikely to happen because only an administrator’s account is permitted to add/remove entities (and integrations). It’s the very reason why there are two types of accounts (far in the past there was only one type and everyone logged in had administrative privileges).

i agree, entities and integrations should be managed by an admin user.

but why a regular user couldn’t manage a simple thing like a scene?
from my point of view, a scene is like a group of light o something like this…