Created a Google SpreadSheet add on

This add on will upload the state change values of given entities to a google sheet on a timer. I built this so that i could use Google Data Studio for further analysis of the data and you get unlimited storage for google sheets.

Currently it only logs the state changes and not the attributes.

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that’s nice, I’ll do some tests.
Happy new year Brenden

would be nice to update the sheet at a specific time

I installed your component, followed the guide for the credentials and shared the spreadsheet with the email in the .json file.

As soon as I share the sheet I receive an email “Delivery Status Notification (Failure)” the email address can’t be found? I have tried several times with different projects in the API console but with the same result.

However, in the sheet, a new tab is created with the name of the entity I have configured, but no data is exported to the sheet? If the sheet is created by the component there must be connection?

Hi, I’m not a coder so please help - I have followed the instructions and get no updates in the spreadsheet. The log is as follows:

starting version 3.2.4
started google Sheets add on
started program at 2018-03-05 21:17:48

My config is as follows:

  "time": 0.1,
  "upload": [
      "sheetName": "gsheet",
      "entity": "sensor.sn_temperature"
      "sheetName": "gsheet",
      "entity": "sensor.sn_humidity"

I’m running Home Assistant 0.62.1 on a Pi3.

Any help appreciated. Thanks!

I would like to try this… I assume that it is a manual install? I do not see a link for the addon panel. What files do I need to put where?

you have to manually add the brendena Repositoriy in add-on store

but it’s not working for me, i have an error message
insufficient authentication scopes

I was also getting insufficient authentication scopes error. Then noticed, that this rep has a fork: link to fork:
This seems better (at least sheets are being created from HA). But no data is added to those sheets.