Creating an Entity?

Hello Guys,

im somehow confused about creating a sensor/entity. Im trying to make a graph card that displays the temperature data of a certain room. The standard card is somehow not that beatiful, why i downloaded a lighter version through hacs. But this card only allows sensors to display a graph. Now im just trying to create a sensor and i think i did it, but somehow i cant chose this sensor when creating the graph. Did i miss something?

# Sensors

  - platform: knx
    name: "temp_buro"
    addres: "2/3/2"

Your sensor is missing the required type: key. See Knx sensors

You should have also be warned about that in the logs at startup Open your Home Assistant instance and show your Home Assistant logs.

Hm, somehow i get no warning in logs Oo

I think in messing up the Syntax somehow maybe?
I would like to put sensors in an extra yaml file but somehow it wont work. Thats why i try it like this:


    host: ""

  light: !include light.yaml
  cover: !include cover.yaml
  climate: !include climate.yaml
# Sensors

  - platform: knx
    name: "temp_buro"
    addres: "2/3/2"

This is long deprecated. Use

    - ...

Like you see it in documentation.
I suggest to get this running in one file and just be done.
If you later really feel the need to split up read Splitting up the configuration - Home Assistant

Yeah i got it working now. Im just used to search the Forums for solutions but some of them seem outdated.

Thx for your help.

:+1: that’s why I always link to the official documentation - that should always be up to date.

Maybe u can help me with another thing so that i dont need to open up a new thread?

Now im trying to group covers togeher. I also read the official doc, but i think something is missing here?
I got two covers in a seperate covers.yaml file and all of them work by theirselves. But in our living room we have realy large windows, so that the covers need to be driven by 2 motors. The thing is that in the ETS5 this can simply be done by connecting the both GAs to the communication onject and voila, both covers can be moved up and down at the same time. I think this isnt possible in HA? At least i did not fint a solution.

So now Im trying to group the covers, so i can move them up and down at the same time by just using one “card/button”. Any suggestions how to do this?

What i tried:


- name: "Büro"
  move_long_address: "3/1/3"
  stop_address: "3/2/3"
  position_address: "3/4/3"
  position_state_address: "3/3/3"
  travelling_time_down: 22
  travelling_time_up: 22
  device_class: "shutter"
- name: "Gästebad"
  move_long_address: "3/1/2"
  stop_address: "3/2/2"
  position_address: "3/4/2"
  position_state_address: "3/3/2"
  travelling_time_down: 26
  travelling_time_up: 26
  device_class: "shutter"
- name: "Wohnzimmer"
  move_long_address: "3/1/8"
  stop_address: "3/2/8"
  position_address: "3/4/8"
  position_state_address: "3/3/8"
  travelling_time_down: 22
  travelling_time_up: 22

- platform: group
    - cover.buro
    - cover.gastebad

But i always get an error tho this is how it is done in the documentation.

Invalid config for [knx]: At least one of ‘move_long_address’ or ‘position_address’ is required. @ data[‘knx’][‘cover’][3][Any(‘move_long_address’, ‘position_address’, msg=None)]. Got None. (See /config/configuration.yaml, line 24).

But grouping items while still providing all the single attributes is somehow not how a group should work or am i wrong? I want a group because i cant connect multiple GAs to one cover entity?

Tnanks in advance

I don’t know anything about group except its configuration can not be in the knx: key.

Sure, you can use the GA linked to both covers for a cover entity. Its the same as every other knx device - it can only send to one address. Think of a switch - it can also only send to one GA on a button press but update from status of multiple GAs.
You will just need to think about where the status shall come from - especially when you still want to move them separately too or when they have different travel times.

But how can i do this? No, i never want to move them separately because its just one giant window. This wouldnt make sense. The shutter just had to be splitz into two parts with one motor each, so it didnt get too heavy. Shutter 1 is GA 3/3/8 and Shutter 2 is GA 3/3/12. How can i add both to one cover?

To clarify: I need two GAs because motor one is on the actuator chanel A and motor two is on chanel B

This is not true.
You can just connect the group object of both channels to the same GA. Or use an additional 3rd GA to trigger both - however you prefer.

Hm, then i dunno why my electrician did it this way. Ill give it a try.