Creating user friendly android beginners app

I would like to create a user-friendly android app to control home assistant with a user friendly dashboard something like Homekit or smart things. I would like to add features like setting scenes, automations and timers in a user-friendly way like how smartthings scenes are easy to set up. Is that possible? Is it possible to configure and control home assistant from an android app ?
And how ?
Note that I know C and C++ languages only. And I don’t mind if I start learning a new language for app development.

Please help

Are you aware there is already an Android App that all you have to do is configure it to look like Homekit or use one of the many that have been shared, like Dwains Dashboard?

If you want to develop your own app (for your own scene creation tool etc…) you would need to make yourself familiar with the developer documents.

Yes I’ve checked one app called Ariela, but it does not have the features I mentioned.

No idea what that is. The official apps are listed here and also developer links: