Crushingly Slow HA UI, laggy automation responses

For the last two months my Home Assistant instance has been on a slow decline in performance. As of today the UI is painfully slow. Pages like Energy that would snap open even on a remote connection in 1-3 seconds now takes 30s to load. Automations that would trigger near instantly over wave are taking 6-8 seconds to process and fire. Logged into the terminal add in, keystrokes take 4-8 seconds to register.

I am running a raspberry pi 4 with 8 gb of ram and a 128GB SD Card hardwired to switch.

  • Core2024.2.1
  • Supervisor2024.01.1
  • Operating System11.5
  • Frontend20240207.1

This system was running lighting fast for over a year and started having trouble in January '24 with the 2024 updates.

Hardware tab shows avg 30% CPU usage and consistent 1.9/8GB ram usage.

Here is a link to a log download


My first thought would be the SD card is on the fritz.

I don’t know what that means.

I’m running HA core (container) on a RPi-4 with 2GB RAM. I am not processing video.

I find it very slow with the Safari browser but lightning fast with Chrome/Firefox etc.

The Pi is connected over LAN (via a switch) to the router.