CTEK NJORD GO ev charger integration?

I have understood this charger has mqtt server running, but I don’t know how to access it. There is loadbalancer addon called Nanogrid Air for this charger, and there is http API to make queries, and get data including mqtt server port.
For now I don’t have possibility to invest to Nanogrid Air, but perhaps someone have both of these and could provide message details.

API calls and data structures are described in Local API instructions doc https://www.ctek.com/storage/58B03CE11555207527045C1182860D36F0612F00232E61B4C383A0F15E1486BB/7b2ea9914c73429092a6426a8103da71/pdf/media/45fb7752636d4a5a8e5aad5b6b264074/Local%20API%20Instructions%20-%20Nanogrid%20Air%203007%20-%2020231009003.pdf

There is Python parser for Nanogrid Air, so HA integration should be possible using this ctek · PyPI.
But could it be possible without Nanogrid device?