Custom CA certificate for VLC Telnet AddOn


I am running Home Assistant OS inside a VM under Proxomox. Home assistant is configured with self signed certificates.

Now, I am trying to configure VLC Telnet add on to play some audio / tts as part of some automation. Every thing is working fine if i disable the ssl. But if I enable the https then in the VLC log I see certificate is Not Trusted error.

I tried to install the rootCA which directly signed the home assistant certificate in the home assistant trust store by using additional_ca custom component.

I installed it using HACS.

But I am still getting same error that certificate is not trusted in the VLC Telnet log. I dont know how to troubleshoot further because i dont know if i can enable ssl debugging on anywhere .

If anyone faced this kind of problem and fixed it, please help.

* Core 2024.6.3
* Supervisor 2024.06.0
* Operating System 12.4

It might be in the VLC player that it should be installed.