Custom Cards not working on old iOS 10 device

Hey all –

It seems that something in the last few versions of Home Assistant broke custom cards from working in older iOS 10 devices with Safari. I thought it was a bug in a specific custom button card, but soon realized that any custom card of any type doesn’t work. I think it may be a path issue or something because I can get it to work in Safari if I delete the cache and start all the way over but the second time around it doesn’t work anymore. Here is the error I get below. Anyone have any idea how I can fix this?

Hi, I’m having the same problem. I used Mushroom & Dwain, having the same error. only the default theme works. Any solution so far?


Would love to see if there’s anyone out there with a potential solution. I have an old iPad laying around that can only update to iOS 10 and it won’t load Mushroom cards or Dwain’s Dashboard. Any help?