Custom Component: HACS

ok, thnx for the info

Honestly if you have the list of existing elements, it’s not too hard to “reinstall” them via HACS :slight_smile:

yeah i know, but it takes some time :slight_smile:

also if i install them with HACS i probably have a newer version, and maybe some bugs :slight_smile:
so need to take my time for it

there are no bugs only unintended features :wink:


Hehe, indeed :wink:

ok, custom_components converted, now plugin time :slight_smile:
i have read before, that i need to change my resource file

url: /local/community
url: /community_plugin

why is that ? it seems the plugin is installed in the same folder?

Community_plugin is a magic folder / endpoint that points to /local/community and enables the caching magic and does away with the need to change version number for cards in lovelace.

caching magic? :slight_smile: what do you mean by that?

You used to have to specify a version number for a card and update that whenever you updated the card. This endpoint means you don’t need to do that. If you use /local/community then you willl.

ah ok, gonna change them also now
only for hacs plugins right? not for plugs that are not in hacs?

Correct. Have you tried adding the repo into HACS for ones not in the default repo? They may be HACS compliant. All the ones I use are in HACS or supported by adding there.
I believe you can use the HACS endpoint for any card although I haven’t tried that.

ok, gonna test it out, thnx for info
my older resources not in hacs, are also deprecated, need to update them also anyway, thats the next thing on my list

i can’t find the HACS in the Home Assistant Community Store.

What? HACS is the home assistant community store.

actually HACS is in the store.

it’s how I update HACS. Select the entry in the store and hit the upgrade button.

At least I assume that’s what they are referring to.

Is everything else showing up in the “community” page except HACS?

it only appears in HACS installed integrations when new Hacs update is available. HACS is the community store.

Do you need to revert back to an older Hacs version to ask about it ?

I agree it only shows up in the installed integrations but it should be listed there all the time whether there is an update available or not. Mine is there now with no update available.

I can’t seem to see the python scripts tab despite ticking the box when adding the HACS integration.

Anyone having this issue?

You need:


In configuration.yaml and it will be in HACS

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cheers…classic case of RTFM :man_facepalming: