Custom Component: here_travel_time

@eifinger tonight I upgraded my hass io from 0.99.2 to 0.100.2 and now I have this weird sentence in my logfile.
I’ve copy-pasted it one on one. Are they trying to say it is blacklisted ? Although they specify not blacklisted they to suggest to remove it.

2019-10-15 20:51:08 ERROR (MainThread) [hacs] You have eifinger/here_travel_time installed with HACS, this repositroy have not been blacklisted, please consider removing it.

Edit: I tried to remove the component (again using HACS) and now I can’t find it back in the HACS store. I think HACS was trying to tell me that the component was blacklisted?

Hi @pathia. Starting with version 0.100 the component officially integrated into home-assistant. That’s why I blacklisted it in HACS.
I forgot to post an official message here.

Okay, so now the discussion on github makes more sense to me also.
Ok I’m gonna enable the sensor again. Thanks a lot!

here_travel_time officially integrated into Homeassistant

Starting with version 0.100 here_travel_time is offically integrated into Homeassistant.

You can find the documentation under

The new feature introduced with v2.1.0 of the custom component are not yet integrated into the official version. The PR which tries to do so can be found under

If you need this feature please keep the component installed and do not upgrade to 0.100 or later.

The component got blacklisted in HACS and cannot be installed with it anymore. Furthermore the github repository got archived. If you have any questions or issues please open an issue in the official homeassistant repo:

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Thank you for the clarification. I have manually restored the version from Github to custom_components and now it works like it did before. Let’s see how the PR with the fix works out.

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when I read about this component in the release news of HA 0.100 I registered an account on (17 days ago).

However since then I wasn’t able to create an App ID/Code:

I was wondering if someone else was successful in doing so.

In Most cases the Twitter team was really helpful.

I’ve checked the PR but unfortunately I’m unable to understand the current status. Is the PR with ‘my’ fix now merged with master?

Hi @pathia. The PR ist not merged. I am waiting for Hacktoberfest to blow over before asking again for an update.

That’s just fine. I’ll just stick with the ‘old’ version. Which I absolutely love. It is great to have a fast look at the current traffic. Thanks for the update!

Facing bothersome performance issues and unavailabilities with travel info of “Deutsche Bahn” I remember that you thought about providing route calculation with public transport. Is that idea still relevant?

It is still on my to do list. Maybe I get some free time over the holidays :wink:

That sounds really great. I would be the first to test that out.:beers:

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I was wondering if anyone had created a sensor that used input_text as the origin/destination entity ID. I was thinking I could maybe have an input text where I could enter addresses.

If you use the custom component it is possible. The officially integrated component does not (yet) have this possibility.
EDIT: The content of input_text would have to be coordinates in the form of “lat,lon” or another entity_id

Do you know if any of the other travel time sensors allow street address?

Google Travel time allows it but only directly in your config yaml. Not dynamically via input_text

Is it possible to somehow configure the here sensor in a way that it shows when you need to leave to actually make the next public transport?

i.e.: When i search for a connection on the herewego website it shows:
When its best to leave
Duration of the trip
Arrival Time

It even respects delays in the reported public transportation timetable.
Please see below an example screenshot:

However, when I try to configure the Sensor it only shows me how long the trip will take. And this is not updated usually because it will always take the same amount.
It seems like even with PublicTimeTable selected, the actual timing of the public transportation is not considered for the time. Maybe because we cannot add a departure or arrival time within the sensor? The API states that one of those is required for usage of PublicTimeTable

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

I have not implemented the arrival/departure flags.
Could you please open an issue in the office home-assistant repo and @ me in it? My handle is “@eifinger

sure thing. I created an issue :slight_smile:

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