Custom Component: here_travel_time

Facing bothersome performance issues and unavailabilities with travel info of “Deutsche Bahn” I remember that you thought about providing route calculation with public transport. Is that idea still relevant?

It is still on my to do list. Maybe I get some free time over the holidays :wink:

That sounds really great. I would be the first to test that out.:beers:

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I was wondering if anyone had created a sensor that used input_text as the origin/destination entity ID. I was thinking I could maybe have an input text where I could enter addresses.

If you use the custom component it is possible. The officially integrated component does not (yet) have this possibility.
EDIT: The content of input_text would have to be coordinates in the form of “lat,lon” or another entity_id

Do you know if any of the other travel time sensors allow street address?

Google Travel time allows it but only directly in your config yaml. Not dynamically via input_text

Is it possible to somehow configure the here sensor in a way that it shows when you need to leave to actually make the next public transport?

i.e.: When i search for a connection on the herewego website it shows:
When its best to leave
Duration of the trip
Arrival Time

It even respects delays in the reported public transportation timetable.
Please see below an example screenshot:

However, when I try to configure the Sensor it only shows me how long the trip will take. And this is not updated usually because it will always take the same amount.
It seems like even with PublicTimeTable selected, the actual timing of the public transportation is not considered for the time. Maybe because we cannot add a departure or arrival time within the sensor? The API states that one of those is required for usage of PublicTimeTable

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

I have not implemented the arrival/departure flags.
Could you please open an issue in the office home-assistant repo and @ me in it? My handle is “@eifinger

sure thing. I created an issue :slight_smile:

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@eifinger, here does not use api-code any more. how can i get herepy code and change it to use api_key instead of api-code ?

That’s the first I hear of it. If you find the correct transition guide from the here api it would be great if you can share it on this thread.

Just logged into here dev and I don’t see anything has changed and my api is active.

I also added yesterday the here_travel_time integration and ran also into issues only being able to generate an apikey, not an app_code.

There is already an issue raised for this, so it can be tracked there:

That issue was raised by the other poster in this thread… Is there a reason you can’t/don’t use the API key? I am using the API key and always have…

Can you please show your config using api_key ? also did you generate your key recently ? I am getting invalid credentials error

There is now also an HA Alert for this

I know, i was discussing this with some one in discord and he said he has an raised issue with herepy. I am wondering how it works for David.

Apologies… just checked my config and it’s the appcode being used and just took a closer look on the here site and see old app codes still work but looks like the api is now needed… Sorry for misleading you. Hope it gets fixed soon for new users. I first set mine up in August when it was a custom component and switched to using the core component when it was introduced to core a version or so ago…

Got it. Thanks. will wait until herepy is fixed. I downloaded the py module but i dont have time now fix and test it.