Custom dashboard for automation setup

I’d like to create a custom dashboard that allows users to set up and control all aspects of automation from one place. For instance, users should be able to select the device on which they want to receive notifications; this selection will then be used in the automation. So, if users need to modify any aspect of the automation, they can easily do so from the dashboard without going to the automation page.

I knew that we can create helpers and use their states as inputs for the automation, and then display these on a dashboard card, but I’m unsure if there are simpler methods to do this.

Thank you!

That’s the way to do it. e.g. Input numbers, schedules and the automations can all be adjusted for my automatic climate control:

Your cards look great! Thank you for sharing.
I’m actually looking for something similar to the selectors function for a blueprint input to use on a dashboard, but I guess using the helpers is the only way to do it then. I was thinking about using the template sensor to set up some inputs for use in automation as well.

Thank you again for your response!