Custom element doesn't exist: hui-shopping-list-card

Hi Experts,

Off late, Shopping List Card is throwing up the error:

“Custom element doesn’t exist: hui-shopping-list-card”

I went thru the release notes for the latest updates and did not find anything breaking the Shopping List Card.

Please advice.



If you’re on 107 and using custom cards, you need to get the custom card ‘card loader’ and add it to your setup. They no longer load all cards by default. It will only affect using hui-xxx style cards.

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Do you have the link to this custom card page?

no, it’s part of hacs though. It’s just called ‘card loader’ so I’m sure a google search for it with home assistant and git hub would find it

I had done one and it took me to this by @thomasloven. But I guess this is not the one you are referring to. I will search in HACS…

Got it: link

Thanks, let me try it out…

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