Custom_panel - html page not shown

I want to have link to a local webpage and am trying to use the panel_custom component for it. however the webpage does not show, nor are there any errors in the logfile.
The file is stored under ~/.homeassistant/panels/sayhello.html and the link shows up on the left, but when I click on it nothing shows up.

By the way I am able to access the page directly by going to, but not through home-assistent link.


  • name: sayhello
    sidebar_title: ‘Say Hello’
    sidebar_icon: mdi:human-greeting
    url_path: sayhello
    webcomponent_path: sayhello.html
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Are you using SSL for your HA instance? If so, this is normal behavior; you can’t mix http and https pages.

I am just using http.

I can setup an panel_iframe configuration as well and that works, but it kind of defeats the purpose. The "sidebar_title:’ under panel_custom already generates a sidebar entry.

Below config works, but seems weird to have to setup both “custom” and “iframe” to open a local webpage:
title: ‘testme’
url: ‘

I’m facing the same problem and as I understand we couldn’t provide a simple html file, to work the file must include some Polymer code, not documented…

Could you more explain how you get this working without the polymer coding?

I’ve just had this problem. The example html file does appear to include the following polymer code - but its use is not documented. Can anyone advise?

  is: 'ha-panel-hello_world',
  properties: {
    // Home Assistant object
    hass: {
      type: Object,
    // If should render in narrow mode
    narrow: {
      type: Boolean,
      value: false,

etc etc…