Custom sensor Min/Max

i created own sensor for temperature i need median value.
i used: Min/Max

It is working but how i can add unique ID and assign to area ?
I try add ‘unique_id’ or ID nothing is working.

This is what i have:

# Virtual sensor
- platform: min_max
  type: median
  name: "Coridor.Temperature.Median"
    - sensor.fibaro_door_window_sensor_2_air_temperature
    - sensor.corridor_ms6_air_temperature
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No this integration does not yet support a unique id.

is there a way to manually give it an ID through customisations? or does that not work also. also I’m wondering why it is like this

No. There is no way to do that. The integration has not been written to support it. It may do in future but it does not yet. There are a lot of integrations that need updating and only a small development team.

fair enough, cheers!