Custom:slider-button-card for Kwikset 910 lock

I am brand new to the HA community and HA in general. I am using a slider-button-card to be able to see the status (locked vs unlocked) and to be able to control the lock.

The lock device in HA has an entity called ‘sensor.garage_lock_battery_level’. I would like for this battery percentage to be displayed on my slider-button-card. Is this possible? How?

I apologize, but I am too new to know how to do this.

The current code is given below:

type: custom:slider-button-card
  direction: left-right
  background: solid
  use_state_color: true
  use_percentage_bg_opacity: false
  show_track: true
  toggle_on_click: true
  force_square: false
show_name: true
show_state: true
compact: true
  show: true
  use_state_color: true
  icon: ''
    action: toggle
  mode: toggle
  icon: mdi:power
  show: true
  show_spinner: true
    action: toggle
entity: lock.garage_lock
name: Garage Lock

Any help is appreciated.

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