Custom Time Table Integration - does it exist?

Does anybody know about a ‘custom time table integration’ for Home Assistant?

The idea would be that a user can upload a weekly schedule of - for instance - the stops of a bus, ferry or any other transportation medium close to his/her home and - at any given time - a sensor would indicate the next time the bus/ferry/… stops.

Ideally the integration allows to enter time tables for every day of the week or to distinguish between weekdays and weekend days.

Does it exist? Tried to find it but couldn’t find it anywhere…

I like the idea but I also do not see this exists particularly for this pupose, there are (more complex) options via scheduler and calendar integrations.
Then…this may be a solution but I have not found out if it could load the timetable in the attributes…i.e. I myself would want a single sensor/entity for e.g. supermarket_ABC_open and the attributes to show the various slots

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