Customize reporting name of August operator?

So I have installed the August integration and connected it. When an automation does something, say lock door, in the August app activities list it is shown as done by the owner of the account that was used to login. I’d rather have it identified as “Home Assistant”, or something else, but cannot find a way to do that.
It seems it should be possible because actions through Alexa are labelled as done by Alexa, yet there is no separate Alexa “operator”.

Please tell me what I am missing, or add a feature to make this possible.

I know this is over a year old. I was searching for a way to create an If condition based on who the operator was and came across your post. In my case, I created a new user in August just for HA, and configured integration in HA with that account. So, if HA invokes something, August recognizes the activity coming from my HA account.