Customized properties values been restored

Hi. I have added some properties or attributes to my covers so I can associate needed information for the automations. For example, there is some static information as to which window does the cover affect. These was easily done using the customize: tag in the configuration.yaml. So far so good, all the properties are readable in the automations.

Now, I want some of this properties to have a value that I can change. For example a blocking status. I have found a python extension from pmazz named ps_hassio_entities that does the job just fine and after calling the correct service you can see that the property value changes.

But, I don’t know why, after some time, the properties fall back to their original value. I have no clue why. I don’t believe that is related to the python script, I think that is something that Home Assistant does. I know this is a very specific issue but maybe some one has come across or can give me another approach on how to change custom properties values.