Daily Point in Time Rolling Average of Multiple Sensors

I am looking to create a statistic that represents the point in time average of multiple sensors over the last 7 days at any given time of day. For example I want to compare 7am to previous values at 7am for the week in order to know if I am above or below the average for that time of day.

I have a couple of things I would like to try to understand:

  • Is the house dimmer than usual for that time of day? (cloudy)
  • Is the house cooler/warmer than usual for that time of day?

I’d like this to be a rolling average, not just a hard coded value, so that it will adjust based on seasons.

I’m happy to write custom code for this if necessary, but I figured I’d try to see if something exists first.

I’ve looked at time_simple_moving_average but it doesn’t quite seem like it will work for my use. It seems more designed to smooth data rather than generate a statistic to compare against.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


I’m looking for the same thing. What I’d intend to do is to get a rolling average of my inside luminosity sensors and use that to decide if light automations should trigger.

I’m really struggling to find that simple feature of gathering a rolling average numeric value, it’s a bit frustrating because it would be quite simple to code, but I’d like to keep within standard features for maintainability.

Have you found any solution?