Daily reboot required

Hello. I have to reboot my HA Raspberry Pi (3B+, purchased new for HA) about every day. In the early evening I open the HA site. The overview page looks OK but nothing works, can’t urn devices on or off. Switching to new pages, e.g. the Hass.io page, works but takes a long time. From the Hass.io page I perform a reboot, and then everything is fine until the next day. Anybody got any ideas?

Yeah, logs.

Right, logs, I should’ve thought of that. Thanks. So far I haven’t found much in the way of logs, either through the web UI or via the Samba share. The web UI logbook shows device activity and the Home Assistant starts and stops. The Samba share config/home-assistant.log file just shows from the most recent startup to the present. I’ll look at it tomorrow afternoon. There must be more around that I’m missing so I’ll keep looking. Thanks, again.

You’ll want more logs than just the Home Assistant ones. It would also be good to know what add-ons you’re running there, it’s possible one of those is causing your problems.

To add to what @Tinkerer said, custom components in particular could be part of the problem if you’re running any.

OK, I think I got it fixed, even if I don’t understand the details. Looked like a custom component (python library) to integrate Meross devices was having problems. I found another, available through HACS, and things have been looking good. I’ll be more certain, though, when the work week starts back up and, due to limited time, I quit messing around with (aka learning about) HA. Meantime, tons to learn, tons of fun to be had.
Thanks, all, for the help.