Danalock HomeKit to Hassio

Is it possible to use the Hassio as bridge to control the danalock v3 HomeKit?

Maybe I can pair the danalock v3 HomeKit in Hassio using the HomeKit controller support, and the in my home HomeKit app in my iPhone I will see the accessory and whe. I will use it from iPhone the Hassio that is near the accessory will control it.

What do you say? Is it possible? How should I do it?

Did you manage to add the lock to HA, I’m struggling to connect the lock, I did a BT scan on the raspberry and I can see the lock, also I can pair through BT, but no indication in the HA

did someone manage to install the Homekit Danalock to HA? i can’t figure it out

Hi, did you find a solution? I’ve the exact same issue…

Hi guys, i just got an email from Danalock.

Danalock V3 BT-HK (Homekit):
Latest lock firmware is called 1.1.11.

Note! We are working on a new firmware for the Danalock V3 Homekit which is expected to release end Q3/Q4. Once it is released you will be able to control your lock with Android and iPhone, use all functionalities in the Danalock App and you can connect your lock to Danapad and Danabridge.

it means will work with HA.

are there any news about this issue? I like Homekit since i had tried HA.
So I think for remote my Home over homekit it works fine, but for all the others things HA is much more flexible. But I have buyed some stuff, which is only for homekit. Like the Danalock.


Not sure if anyone has any news of this. Since HA added Bluetooth support a few months ago I decided to play around with the Danalock V3 to see if I could pair it through HomeKit Controller.

The closest I got was that HomeKit Controller found the lock but when I tried to connect it gave an error that the lock could no longer be found. I tried adding back into HomeKit and then deleting but now I can’t even get HA to find it again.