Danalock v3 - User Codes

Hi all

Can you program user/guest codes via HA (over z-wave) to the Danalock v3?


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Ok, yes is the answer.

Connected Danalock v3 to the latest HA via z-wave and I can set usercodes (for Danapad to use) in the z-wave configuration in HA.


Didn’t even know this was possible! Do you by any chance know if you can/how you can create a front end panel for something more user-friendly to manage codes (remove/add/modify)?

I’ve not toyed much with this level of z-wave modification. Just want something that is easy for the wife to add/remove codes as required from the GUI.

Hello, I understand this post is two years old but I tried to check this today after adding the Danapad to my setup. I can not see anything like this in the Z-wave configuration. Does this still work for other people?
This is all I see: