Danalock Zigbee (or Z-Wave)

Anyone tried to set up a Danalock v3 Zigbee with HA?
Does it work or should I go with a Z-Wave instead?

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I have the same question

I received Danalock v3 Zigbee today and connected it via zigbee2mqtt. It work’s very good.

Care to share how you did?

  1. I have bought Danalock BT/ZB smartlock (V3-BTZB)
  2. I have tunedzigbee2mqtt according to the links https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/getting_started/flashing_the_cc2531.html and https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/getting_started/running_zigbee2mqtt.html
  3. Than I have paired the device according to the links https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/getting_started/pairing_devices.html and https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/devices/V3-BTZB.html
  4. Danalock BT/ZB smartlock (V3-BTZB) has two interfaces bluetooth and zigbee. To make it work correctly you should download Danalock original application for android or iOS, connect it via bluetooth and make all tne necessary settings, lock and unlock positions.
  5. Now your device is ready to work!

Unfortunately Danalock BT/ZB smartlock (V3-BTZB) doesn’t work with Deconz Conbee II. I use cc2531 stick for zigbee2mqtt.

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I received mine as well some days ago and it works fine and the integration with HA was pretty straight forward.

The only issue I am having at the moment is the lock reporting a “lock” status when the lock cannot be complete (i.e. when I forgot to lift the handle of the door so it cannot be locked), are you having the same issue?

I know this is an old thread, but posting my experience should anyone be asking the same questions.

I’ve purchased the zigbee version of the danalock v3 originally. My zigbee stick is quiet far from where my door is, ie the signal is poor for the lock to connect direct to the radio.
I thought, fine, I’ll just use my zigbee mesh which is solid and the lock will just connect through the mesh.

At first I tried to pair the lock and it would just fail constantly. I spoke to the manufacturer and they said to try to put the zigbee stick next to the lock. As soon as I’ve done that it paired straight away.

Returned the radio to its resting place and everything was great for a few days.

Then the lock just refused to report its state, it would only receive commands from HA but wouldn’t communicate back (my zigbee stick tx signal is stronger than what the lock could transmit back to the stick since it’s lower powered)
It point blank refused to connect via my mesh network, even after I attempted to run rediscover. Latest firmware etc.

Long story short, it just didn’t work and wouldn’t work through the mesh it wanted direct communication with the main radio (stick).

I ended up going with the z-wave model, and it’s working flawlessly so far.

Not sure if anyone else has this issue but that’s my experience and I’ve given it a good 3 months to try and have it working, the supplier in the end replaced my zigbee lock with a zwave one.

One of the issues with zigbee is that not all devices work with all routers but in my opinion zigbee2mqtt is one of the most reliable systems that work with all devices I have tested so far. In my case the issue I was having with Home Assistant about the lock reporting a “lock” status when the lock couldn´t be complete was fixed in the zigbee2mqtt code and from then I haven´t had anymore issues. My setup is Home Assistant and zigbee2mqtt running on a Raspberry Pi and I have one CC2531 router. Danalock works fine when connected directly to the coordinator or through the router.

Yep same setup as mine, minus the Raspberry pi.
You hit the nail on the head … when its connected directly to coordinator (i used zigbee stick in my langauge wrongly!). Never had it work via a router device. When i had this thing connect directly to coordinator it worked fine, state reporting etc no issues. As soon as i moved the coordinator away making it connect via a mesh, it just refused point blank.

I’m about to purchase one of these danalock V3. all the family use iphones etc but I also have just started using home assistant. Looking at teh differnet version available the Homekit version seems to have less features. So should I go for a Zigbee or Z-wave version and do I need another addon to use this with my HA?

I have the Zigbee version using ZHA and Conbee II. It works quite good for me.