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Danfoss Eco bluetooth valve thermostat


Hi, I bought a sample Danfoss Eco device - bluetooth app controlled standalone radiator valve thermostat, described here:
So far testing the actual thermostat performance, but interested in integrating these devices to HA. I could only find a sample Node code (not tried yet) to connect to this device:

Looks like it only queries the device and doesn’t change any settings.

Would be great to have this devices supported by HA via local bluetooth connection.


Im looking for support too


Any luck in getting the code from Github to work and if so how to do it? Thanks


Any news or update regarding this? I’ve just got 1 for Christmas and 2x z spirit, and I’m wondering if I should return this danfoss thermostat.

In advance thanks :slight_smile:


This looks the most promising: https://github.com/dsltip/Danfoss-BLE as far as I can see should be do-able but needs some work


Got setpoint and current temperature working, now onto settings and update of setpoint.

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Great news! Please share what you have :slight_smile:


need to tidy up a bit and will put on github and share link here. (probably end of the week)
hope some more experienced developers can make something nice from it.

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I am trying to get this up and running on a Raspberry 3+. I tried to pair the Danfoss Eco 014G1112 with the Raspberry using the bluetoothctl CLI tool but this fails.

Failed to pair: org.bluez.Error.AuthenticationCanceled

Is there a way you could post some kind of quick setup guide ?

Thanks in advance,



Hi there!

Just noticed your discussion. As it happens, I’ve done a C# project which reads most of the settings and the schedule data from an Eco 2 thermostat: https://github.com/olefriis/Eco2

It’s Mac-only (using Core Bluetooth), but I’ve done my best to make the code readable, so you should be able to use it for further work, even in other languages. I haven’t implemented writing data back to the thermostats, but I suspect this will amount to encoding and setting the relevant characteristic values through Bluetooth LE.

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Just added ability to modify the set-point temperature. It works as expected.

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Hi Ole, that looks great.
In the meantime I’ve learned a bit more about home-assistant en came to the conclusion that instead of building everything myself, my best and quickest option would be to look at esphome which has all the BLE stuff already build and is a nice robust framework for implementing a BLE bridge for the Danfoss ECO2.

examples of other BLE thermostats are e.g. here https://github.com/esphome/esphome-core/blob/dev/src/esphome/esp32_ble_tracker.cpp

when time permits I will look at what is required to build some code for esphome, and maybe we can collaborate on this ?