Danfoss TLX Pro+ Inverter integration to Home Assistant?

As subject describes, I’m looking into getting data from my Danfoss inverter into Home Assistant. I’ve got the RS-485 cable connected and can use other 3rd party applications to view data, but I’d prefer to use MQTT or integrate the Danfoss protocol directly into Home Assistant. Anyone has this up-and-running?

I’m completely new to home assistant but I’ll like to do the same.

Either directly with a RS485 HAT on Raspberry Pi 4 runining HA or with an ESP8266 board (or other RPi)

I’ve not looked much at it yet, buit GitHub - thpe/rklogger: Command line tool for reading solar inverter parameters. is a probably a good place to start. Also used by Danfoss Datalogger med Raspberry Pi

@majland SunLog by finn (Known on the Danish solcelledebat forum), can be used (And I have done so for quite some time).
The drawback is that it “only” logs every 5th minute and no other inverterdata is logged (errors etc.). But you do get production data.
Requires use of his PowerView application (also found on the link) for MQTT publications and of course a MQTT broker.

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