Dashboard: conditional card based on range (larger/smaller then)

I have a few sensors that give up ranges (like air-quality) and I would like to show a message on my dashboard related to the range (like larger then 100, under 200 gives msg x). I was thinking of the conditional card to make it part of other messages that show up based on a sensor. But it seems a conditional card can only do state and state_not check.

Are there any options that I missed? I would like to not have to create a sensor that would have different states as a work-around. But I can imagine this is the only way?

Yes, create a binary template sensor that is on when your sensor is in range.

Alternatively check out this third party card:

It supports templating in the state to match.

Thank you… I will look into that custom card. Or perhaps just make the sensor. As its a one off check, not sure if I wanted a sensor for it. But also cannot really hurt.
Many thanks for the reply and help!